Tall Blacks and SP Markets, Road to China

The Qualifiers of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019, themed "Road to China”, has been officially kicked off on 23rd of November 2017. Relying on its admirable reputation and brand identity, as the only cooperative foreign exchange partner, SP Markets stands out from the various financial organizations and obtains consensus with the New Zealand national basketball team (also known as "Tall Blacks”) to conquer the game. 

Tall Blacks, sponsored by SP Markets, defeats Hong Kong team overwhelmingly. Watch their unstoppable performance once again:

Here are the highlights of the Qualifiers:

In the game that against Korean National Team at TSB Bank Arena in Wellington on November 23, the starters sent by Tall Blacks are forward Finn Delany, centre Alex Pledger, and the well-known player Issac Fotu. 

The game was covered by an intense and aggressive atmosphere, even though the final three minutes was where the game was decided. Tall Blacks fought until the end, but let the visitors led for most of an 86-80 win. 

Tall Blacks travelled straight after to Hong Kong for a match-up on November 26. The high-popularity guards Corey and Tai Webster brothers participated for their country. 

While the loss against Korea didn't hurt New Zealand's chances of making the next round of qualifying too much, on the contrary gave an opportunity engaging individuals into a coordinated team. Tall Blacks frightened its opponents by starting with two three-pointers and dominated the first quarter. The point gap was sustained and extended for the rest of the quarters, even though Hong Kongers attempted very hard to narrow it.

No suspense about the score of the game, Tall Blacks built a lopsided road win by outclassing Hong Kong 133-74. Webster brothers were ultra-efficient in this game, scoring 18 points on 80% of goal. Fotu, who has a proud base of Chinese fans, leading the way on 14 points as an individual player.

In 2018, Tall Blacks will travel to China on February 23 and South Korea on February 26, then close out the first round of qualifying by hosting Hong Kong on June 28 and China on July 1. Meanwhile, SP Markets that the exclusive forex partner of New Zealand national basketball team, will cooperate with Tall Blacks heading toward "Road to China”.

New Zealand national basketball team, as known as Tall Blacks, was founded in 1951. Tall Blacks made itself a regular visitor with tough spirit and flexible style in World Championships and Olympic Games. Talented players trained in this team, and some of been chosen by NBA.

Things this solid team and SP Markets have in common are a quality of pursuing being outstanding and an enthusiasm that challenge their limits.

"We represent the financial institutions in NZ, proudly supporting the journey of our national men's basketball team to FIBA,” Diana Del Solar, the president of SP Markets told media. 

She said, "Talking about a safe and fair investment environment, New Zealand is one of the leaders around the world. We want to use this advantage to attract further investment and encourage people to participate in by the opportunity of this worldwide game. Our expectation is having deeper and wider range of communication with financial traders from China, the host country of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019, which coincides with the theme "Road to China”.”

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