Bob surprised you at Santa Parade 2017

Christmas is the most exciting festival in New Zealand, Santa Parade in which receives the largest attention. 

Starting from the mid-1934, Auckland children's charity foundation held the great parade every year at Christmas. With bands, floats, shows, under the surrounding of balloons and dolls, the celebration created a dream for Auckland children. Gradually, the Santa Parade became an indispensable part in Christmas, everyone would have been attracted to various floats. 

While Christmas 2017 had a little difference than ever, kids around a mascot bull instead of rushing to cheer. 

Here is him, the eye-catching big bull:

Does he look familiar? He is our lovely Bob, mascot of SP Markets.

SP Markets is one of the main sponsors of the parade. We prepared candies, toys and games, participating in the celebration with adorable kids. Bob as a superstar shows his interest being a part of the parade in next year.

In New Zealand the creditworthy society, SP Markets with its brand force and reputation is honored and gratefully to take part in the charity and national events. 

We will undertake several Children Charity’s events, and stand out being sponsors of three international matches. Don’t be surprised if you see Bob on TV. 

There are photos of lovely children and Bob in Santa Parade 2017.

A kiwi girl offered a hug to Bob

A Taiwanese cutie hugged Bob not only hold his hands, but turned around

A little Asian girl, who was so cute that Bob bowed his head and kissed her gently

Some parents took photos with their children, who had even bigger smiles

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