How SP markets works

SP Markets provides the SP Pro (MT4) platform that allows our customers to trade currencies, indices and commodities.  We offer trading by entering into contracts for difference (CFDs) with our customers.  Under CFDs we and our customers agree to pay each other the difference arising from movements in the value of an underlying product (for example a commodity).  If you correctly anticipate changes in the market you will make a profit (or a loss if you do not).  You enter into CFDs with us on our platform by confirming the type and value of CFD you would like to enter into and by providing us with funds (a "margin”) to start trading.  

Our CFDs allow you to leverage your positions to take a much greater exposure to the price of an underlying product, in comparison to buying or selling the underlying product directly. This means that you can significantly increase your potential profits (but also losses). 

Our CFD quotes are made by direct reference to the price or value of the underlying asset on the relevant exchange with an additional spread applied by SP Markets to the price or value of the CFDs. The value of the spread will be determined by SP Markets and is kept by SP Markets as a fee.

SP markets Characteristic

1.Direct Access to Liquidity

The SP markets platform offers direct access to money center banks.  real-time executable streaming quotes from more than 50 liquidity providers for over 70 global currency pairs as well as metal, energy and index products.

2.Powerful Trading Infrastructure

Hosted in a dedicated facility at Equinix NY4, the SP markets platform runs on a fully redundant, carrier-class IT infrastructure for always-on availability. You get continuous, reliable performance for maximum trading performance.

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