Instrument Description Contract Size(=1 LOT) Min Trade Size Max Trade Size Digits
XAUUSD GOLD 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots 2
XAGUSD Sliver 5000 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots 3
XPTUSD Platinum 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots 2
XPDUSD Palladium 100 oz 0.01 lot 100 lots 2

Trading Gold and other Precious Metals 

Metal CFDs are CFDs whose value is determined by fluctuations in the price of the underlying metal, such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium.  There are several factors that affect price fluctuation and that can cause volatility in the precious metals market. One of the most important factors are global financial institutions, whose investments are speculative in nature and can cause upward or downward price movements. Another factor that influences the market is the end-user trends, mainly triggered by jewellery buyers. In general an increase in demand for jewellery causes precious metal market prices to rise. Economic conditions also have an impact on market prices.  Changes in demand for some other financial assets apart from precious metals also contribute to price fluctuations.

Precious metals can be traded in both directions If the market is expected to move upwards trades can be entered by purchasing a metal via a CFD (going long) and exit the trade by selling the metal.  If there is anticipation of a downward movement, trades can be entered by selling a metal via a CFD (going short) and exit the trade by buying the metal. The ability to trade in both directions allows investors to gain profits (but also to sustain losses) regardless of upward or downward market movements.

Spot Metals Trading Hours

Metals instruments (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) quotes and trading functionality are active from 23:00 GMT+1 on Sunday until 21:55 GMT+1 on Friday.

Metals exchanges close daily from 22:00 until 23:00 GMT+1, during which quotes and trading are unavailable.

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